20 November 2012

Orvieto Doorway

Orvieto Doorway
Oil on linen/panel, 2012, 7x5"
This  landscape painting is a view of a doorway in the ancient city of Orvieto
The 15th painting in the series from our recent trip
to Italy

I have added a very small amount of olive oil (purchased in Italy) to my painting medium. So each painting has a little bit of Italy in them.  



Patrick said...

These are great Steve. I especially like the small prints. When were you in Italy? We were in Paris in October.

Stephen Magsig said...

That's great, we were in Italy for two weeks in Oct.

jessie rasche art gallery said...

Beautiful painting, Stephen! I love the tunnel and all the colors... So beautiful.

Stephen Magsig said...

Thank you Jessie, it was a beautiful trip