10 March 2012

Free small painting

HELP, I need some blog code work done.
Feed for my blog not working.

A free small Postcard from Detroit painting for helping me with my blog.

I have been getting emails from subscribers that say they are not getting my blog posts.

Feedburner says my posts are invalid! Been working for 5 years but  now it doesn't, I looked at this and have no idea what needs to be done.

If anyone knows code or html and could help straighten this out there is a free painting from my available paintings for their effort.

Please respond in the comments or by email

Thank you, Stephen


Yvonne Osborne said...

Wish I could help but I can't even figure out why my preview pane in blogger no longer works properly. Your post did come across fine in my blog list.

Good luck!

Lorna said...

I am not an expert but does this help?

Karen Appleton said...

Hi Stephen,
I am receiving your blog post fine via your feedburner subscription. Wish I could help.

jimserrettstudio said...

Hey Stephen, sorry your having a problem.
I would recommend looking at Feedburner again, go to troubleshootize and try the resync now fix, that may help but I think the problem is that your feed is too big. Follow the help topic link to adjust your feed size.
Best of luck.
Love your work.

Alvin Richard said...

Hi Stephen,
Late last fall I was having a lot of problem even posting on my blog. I had to install and switch to Google Chrome. During this time, I could no longer leave comments on other blogs and there were other issues. With Google Chrome, the program to set up a posting is slightly different, but once you get used to it, it's much more user freindly. Hope it helps! The shooting star painting is amazing!

Jessie Rasche artist said...

Hi Stephen, I'm receiving your feedburner just fine. I love your paintings! Maybe the people who aren't getting it have a spam filter that's catching you? (My spam filter knows you're not spam... it's just an idea.)