23 March 2012

Andrews on the Corner

Andrews on the Corner
Oil on linen/panel, 2012 7"x5"
This daily Urban Landscape  painting is a view of Andrews on the Corner. On the corner of Atwater and Joseph Campau Street. A friendly, unpretentious bar near the Riverwalk.

Click on image for larger view.


Fred Johnson said...

I’ll search the images on the web for the places that you paint just to make a comparison. I think that I started this when I followed the links you have added on a few of your posts. We’ve also wondered about if you prefer certain angles when you go on a shoot. So in our observation of your many small paintings our conclusion was that you take several from many different angles. However looking at a photo on the web of today’s daily I see a manhole cover. Did you get a shot?

Stephen Magsig said...

Hi Fred, Google street level is pretty cool. Sometimes I have to use if to find the address myself. It is at a higher eye level so it has a different look. I do usually shoot a few different angles, but usually I know which one I want to use. But there are always surprises. Hope you are having a great Spring.