23 September 2008

Sky Blue Pink, SOLD

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Sky Blue Pink, oil on linen panel, 7"x5"
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Pink ice cream sign against a crisp cobalt blue sky. Not sure where the term came from and what it means. But I remember my father using the term Sky Blue Pink. Does anyone know what it means? I just thought it made a great title for this painting.


Sheila Vaughan said...

We used to say at home "sky blue pink with a yellow border" (but then the Brits would go OTT). Wonderful sky Stephen!

harry bell said...

Seems like "sky-blue-pink" first cropped up in an "Uncle Wiggily" story by an American children’s writer, Howard R Garis, in 1910, in which a young rabbit has an accident: “He splashed around and scattered the skilligimink color all over the kitchen, and when his mamma and Susie fished him out, if he wasn’t dyed the most beautiful sky-blue-pink you ever saw!” You'll have to ask someone else about "skilligimink".:O)