12 September 2008

Belle Isle Reflections, SOLD

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Belle Isle Reflections, oil on linen panel, 7"x5"
Click on image for a larger view.
The third in a series of Belle Isle painting, this is the beautiful Belle Isle Conservatory.


Anonymous said...

This is SUCH a beautiful painting.
I wish I could take some lesssons from you. I have been painting for more than 50 years, but sometimes when I look at your work I feel as though I don't know what I am doing. Please don't publish this
Honestly, I sincerely admire your work more than just about any other artist I've seen on the web.
It isn't slick, like some I could easily name, and it doesn't repeat itself over and over - it hasn't found a "niche" that it fills - It's just honest painting, by an honest painter. Congratulations.

tonypetersart said...

Love the painting, it's quite a discipline to do these little studies. Great building, makes for a nice subject. A++

Pierre Raby said...

...peaceful and beautiful painting too!

Laurel Daniel said...

Stephen - you don't know me but I have just nominated you for the Brilliante WEBlog Award because I love your Detroit scenes and the incredible drama in your compositions. Your work is fabulous. The rules for passing on the award are on my Sept. 11 blog entry. Have fun with it. Best and Congrats, Laurel