21 January 2008

Vernor's Sign, SOLD

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Vernor's Sign, oil on linen panel, 7"x5"
This painting is of the bones of a billboard in Detroit at the Vernor's plant. Vernors was then a locally brewed soda drink. It was made by James Vernor, a Detroit pharmacist. Called to war in 1862, returned 4 years later to oak casks of 19 secret ingredients including ginger and vanilla that had been transformed into the distinctly robust taste of Vernor's ginger ale. Bottling at the Detroit plant was ended in 1985. When I was a child my Grandmother would make us Boston Coolers, ice cream and Vernors, yummy!

This is what the sign looked like in it's day.


Ambera said...

I love these old signs you're painting. This one is particularly sad and poignant.

Jason Waskey said...

Golly, I've always loved Vernor's. I appreciate he history lesson!

Also, another great painting, Stephen!