12 January 2008

Third & Selden,SOLD

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Third & Selden, oil on linen panel, 5"x5"
Another midtown house that is no longer standing, there is a Detroit saying for this, "demolished by neglect"
I am glad I have been recording Detroit with photos and paintings for over twenty five years. So much is gone. I often see a building and think I need to shoot it, going back later to find it no longer there, very sad. It would be OK if it was replaced with another building, but so often it is just gone, another void in our city.


Ambera said...

Depressing and dark. You don't even need to know anything about Detroit to get the neglect from this painting, it reeks of it! Really wonderful.

Stephen Magsig said...

Ambera, thanks, but Detroit is really a city of extremes. On one hand you have this view while the north suburbs are some of the most affluent in the country. Seems this country is becoming a country of extremes also, less and less middle class. Be sure to vote when ever you can. Also see the movie "Why we fight"" it explains a lot.

Stephen Magsig said...

Ambera, I am sorry I forgot you are Canadian, but for all in the US, please vote when you can!

A Reason to Paint said...

Fabulous painting Stephen. Your painting makes me think of some of the towns that have died once their primary resource is exhausted. I don't know anything about Detroit; why has it become so neglected in parts?

Unknown said...

I love your art and I love this piece. You catch the spirit of Detroit - what it was and what it is today. This is happening in Baltimore, MD too. We are losing so much architecture that reflected the life of the city and its people.
YES! Please encourage everyone to vote.
Thank you

Stephen Magsig said...

The decline in Detroit has been long in happening, along with the rest of the rust belt in the midwest. The mass exodist of the white's from Detroit to the North Suburbs after the riots in the late 60's was a major cause. Also the decline in jobs in the Auto business. Detroit was not very diversified for jobs. The city has been coming back and there are new things happening. Cadillac Center will be a vast complex in downtown, but I think the theatre painting I did a couple weeks ago, that will be torn down to make room, sad but nice to see development.

This Painting Life said...

Like the corner detail on this building and the subtle light portrayed.