07 January 2008

Midtown Blues, SOLD

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Midtown Blues, oil on linen panel, 5"x7"
There are so many small storefronts scattered all over Detroit. This is one of my favorites, I like the simplicity and yet complexity of the structure. Trying to find color where there is little, you really have to look and see, and that is what it is all about, seeing, I hope you enjoy the beauty in these everyday scenes of Detroit.


Ambera said...

So sad, this painting! The weeds in front are such a tell-tale sign of an unkempt or abandoned building. A small touch that adds so much!

Don Gray said...

Great design and the close-hued colors are beautifully handled. I love the oblique glimpse of the bent stop sign.

rubyparchment55 said...

Yes, I do enjoy. Just discovered this site tonight. Reader of detroitblog, so fascinated by the city. My great-gr'parents fm there, French and Swedish.