13 January 2008

La Maison-Orange, SOLD

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La Maison-Orange, oil on linen panel, 7"x5"
This house is part of Object Orange, founded by Christian Tedeschi, A small group of Detroit artists wanted to draw attention to the abandoned buildings in Detroit, a symbol of defeat, abandon, and neglect. They painted them with "Tiggerific Orange"
The city tore down the first house they painted, assuming they were destroying someone's art, when they actually accomplishing a positive result. This house sits near the Davison-Lodge expressway
interchange. About 15 to 20 houses have been painted, with over half being torn down, some had been standing vacant more than twenty years.


Ambera said...

Your paintings in this series are really eerie. They make me wonder what kind of history the houses held before they were abandoned. Were they happy homes for people at one point? Why the neglect?

Stephen Magsig said...

Hi Ambera, Yes these were happy homes before Detroit's decline. Early Detroit thrived into the 20's -50's. The decline really started in the 60's. It has bottomed out a few years ago and there is building being done and families moving back in. It is a little ironic that the Auto business was against mass transit and the lack of public transportation is one of the things that helped speed up our decline.

Ambera said...

Such an interesting (and sad) history. The auto business has a real dark side. It sounds like a total lack of foresight on their part, but I don't think anyone in the 50's expected oil and gasoline to ever become so expensive. Public transit is a staple of any city nowadays. A very interesting chain of events!