31 August 2007

Belle Isle Conservatory SOLD

Belle Isle Conservatory oil on linen panel, 5"x7". This is one of the beautiful parks in Detroit, where you can watch the Great Lakes Freighters go by. Today is my birthday and we will celebrate with the children in our neighborhood and their parents this evening, with cupcakes my wife made.

30 August 2007

28 August 2007

Squash on Blue & White Towel, SOLD

Squash on Blue & White Towel, oil on linen panel, 5"x5". The local market has such wonderful items to paint and eat.

27 August 2007

S.W.France#17 SOLD

Southwest France #17, Oil on linen/panel, 5"x7". A continuing series of paintings of the Dordogne area of France

26 August 2007

San Jacinto Mts

San Jacinto Mts.
oil on linen/panel, 5"x7". These are between Los Angeles and Joshua Tree National Monument
in California.

24 August 2007

Evening Light SOLD

Evening Light, oil on linen panel, 8.5"x11". Small downriver industrial building in Detroit. I love working with light and shadow.

23 August 2007

Southwest France #16,SOLD

Southwest France #16, Oil on prepared paper, 4"x6". A continuing series of paintings of Southwest Franceago.

22 August 2007

S.W. France #15, SOLD

S.W. France, Oil on prepared paper, 4" x 6". A continuing series of paintings from a trip to France a couple of years ago.

21 August 2007

Blue Plate Peach SOLD

Blue Plate Peach, Oil on prepared paper, 5"x7". More from the local farmers market.

20 August 2007

Two Peppers, SOLD

Two Peppers, Oil on Prepared Paper, 5"x7"
These are from the local farmers market.

18 August 2007

Adam St. Window SOLD

Adam St. Window, Oil on linen/panel, 7"x5".
One of the many interesting buildings in downtown Detroit.

17 August 2007

Studio Morning Glory, SOLD

Studio Morning Glory, Oil on Paper, 7"x5"
Something a little different today. These beauties are growing on the side of my studio and I always say I have to do some paintings of them, they are so charming. I wish they lasted longer, as soon as the sun hits them they start to wilt, and start fresh the next morning.

16 August 2007

15 August 2007

Detroit Lime Co. SOLD

Detroit Lime Co. oil on linen/panel 7"x5".
This is the first Detroit Painting to be added to the Daily Blog. I like the way the warm afternoon sun plays against the deep blue sky.

14 August 2007

Nokomis Nocturne SOLD

Nokomis Nocturne, 5"x7", oil on linen/panel. SOLD
We were riding our bikes over the intercoastal bridge after watching the sunset and this was the view, It reminded me of the Whistler nocturnes that we had just seen at the High Museum in Alanta Georgia.

13 August 2007

Desert Truck Stop SOLD

Desert Truck Stop, Oil on linen/panel, 5"x7". How can you pass up such great color and abstract shapes. Along the highway between Los Angeles and Palm Springs. I was excited with the intensity of the color, even though
some of it is due to pollution coming from Los Angeles.

11 August 2007

Pacific Coast Highway #1

Pacific Coast Highway #1, Oil on linen/panel 7"x5"
From our last trip to California, it is south of Los Angeles. This was the view from our roadside table at a resturant on Highway One. I thought it made an interseting composition with the vertical and horizontal bands and the plants making dark abstract shapes.

10 August 2007

51 Greene St. Doorway SOLD

51 Greene St. doorway, oil on linen, 42"x36" At David Klein Gallery.This is the painting that the paint was also used for the small painting in the last post. I love painting the old cast iron buoldings in lower Manhattan. I like the abstractness of the shadows and reflections. Greene St. has some of the best cast iron building in NY.

Gulf Coast #4

Gulf Coast #4,oil on linen/panel 5"x7" I did this painting from the color palette I was using for a larger painting and wanted to use the colors before they dried. I will try to add some older paintings within the next few days

09 August 2007

Last Light SOHO SOLD

Last light SOHO, oil on linen/panel, 12"x9" This is a recently done painting for a Museum fund raising event, and is more representative of my work

S.W.France #14, SOLD

Southwest France#14, oil on linen/panel 5"x7"