23 September 2013

A Fundraising Effort for Tropical Storm Relief in México

Frank Gardner a  painter friend from Mexico has started a fundraising campaign to help people affected by the tropical storms that battered the Mexican coasts last week. The one-two punch of Manuel's first landfall on Sunday and Tropical Storm Ingrid's lashing of México's east coast on Monday. (Ingrid was a hurricane offshore, but made landfall as a tropical storm.) Manuel became a hurricane before heading back to shore for a second hit on México's upper west coast.
So far, at least 80 people have been killed in Mexico from the storms, not including the 58 people missing from a landslide in La Pintada, located a few hours north of Acapulco. 
If you have not seen the damage from these storms you can see images here:
or here:
I am listing for sale at reduced prices a few paintings on 
Frank's blog,  100% of sales will go to Mexican Red Cross, with free shipping to US.

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