22 April 2013

Pochade Box for Plein Air painting

Pochade Box for Plein Air painting
I just finished making this Pochade box and really looking forward to getting some paint on it.
I started with plans from Jim Serrett's blog.
It was a good break from getting the solo show done in time.
I hope to do a lot of painting on Belle Isle this summer.
It is about 10x12" with tripod mount and extra cigar box lid shelf. I can paint panels from 5x7, 8x10
and 9x12.


Jim Serrett said...

Hi Stephen
Thanks for the mention. I am a real fan of your work.
My little Pochade box design has taken on a life of its own.
and continues to evolve through the internet.
Happy painting!


Anonymous said...

Nice pochade box! What type of hinge are you using?