18 May 2012

Michigan Ave Doorway

Michigan Ave Doorway
Oil on linen/panel, 2012, 5x5"
This daily painting is an urban landscape view of a colorful doorway "No 7"on Michigan Ave. There is an interesting story to this painting. As I was shooting the photo I noticed a car speeding towards me from three lanes over. I ran and jumped to the sidewalk just in time as the car swerved to hit me. Very scary, this is the first time something like this has happened in twenty years of shooting Detroit. Photographer friend Bruce Giffin said the same thing happened to him recently. Hope this is not a new trend.


Jeff Oxley said...

Hi Stephen: It's getting crazy out there. I've had people get angry at me when I'm out taking shots in their neighborhoods. They get suspicious and I've had people confront me. You be careful.

Wanda Eichler said...

Was photographing cloud patterns along Ruth Road in Huron County this morning. A farmer in his pickup (I was just north of his place) stopped to see if I needed help. So far, friendly in this neck of the woods. WJ