17 May 2012

The Green Roof, No. 1,600

The Green Roof, No. 1,600
Oil on linen/panel, 2012, 7x5"
This daily painting is the 1,600th daily painting I have finished since starting "Postcards from Detroit" in August of 2007. Many, many thanks to everyone who has supported this blog. It has been a wonderful adventure and as I approach the five year anniversary I feel there will be some changes made in what I paint and post on this blog. Perhaps some slightly larger paintings, En Plein Air paintings, paintings from other cities and other countries, and maybe not one every day. What do you think?


David Teter said...

Stephen, congrats on 1,600 and 5 years.

I think the changes are a good idea.
You have already been including etchings, a linocut and assemblage here and there as well as paintings from New York and I think Chicago.

So larger, plein air etc would be welcomed.

It would be more of a metamorphism than change.
Do it.

Fred Johnson said...

Following your blog has been a great pleasure. It’s such a joy to know that I’m able to acquire the paintings that catch my eye.
We wish you the best in the decisions for your blog that you have presented. I feel you have already eased us into these changes the past few months. And with these changes I know you’ll still have something to offer that can be enjoyed.
Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing your new works, especially larger pieces, and reducing the frequency won't cause my interest to wain. But I hope you continue to focus on Detroit - I find your treatment of this city more interesting than your other works.

libbygilpatric.blogger.com said...

Sved every one of these postcards. I'd miss if you quit. Last thing I do before heading for the feathers is check out thes PC's. Do what you gotta do. Just keep painting and posting!

Boo21's Mom said...

I was born in Detroit, lived the first few weeks of my life on Jos. Campau in Hamtramck and spent the rest of my life in Southern California (with yearly-or-so trips back to Michigan.) I love the Detroit focus of your blog. But, you should do whatever works best for you! I (foolishly) included the word "Daily" in the name of my silly little blog,feeling it would give me the discipline I needed to post regularly. At first, I NEVER missed a day. Now, I post whenever I feel like it and/or whenever I have something I want to capture in the blog turned-online-memory-book. Good luck to you, whatever you decide!

Sheila Vaughan said...

Stephen, yep, many congratulations on your tenacity, hard work and so many wonderful pieces. But it's good to shake ourselves up and follow a few different paths I think. I can see lately you have started to do that. We only get so long on this earth so it's crazy to keep on doing the same thing I think when there is an itch to explore!

Stephen Magsig said...

Hi Fred,
Thank you so much for your support and friendship over the years. I'm not planning major changes, but we both start SS this year and it will help the financial end of things and take away some of the pressure of daily painting.

Stephen Magsig said...

Libby, Thank you for your kind comment. I will never stop painting as long as I am able.

Stephen Magsig said...

Boo's Mom,Thank you for your comments. Blogging is a great way to get something out there and keep it as a record.

Stephen Magsig said...

Hi Sheila, I wish I had your courage when it comes to making art. You have done more than most of the bloggers that all started about the same time. It doesn't seem that long ago. Keep up the GREAT work you are doing.I enjoy my Sheila Vaughan painting every day.

Unknown said...

Amazing that we can count on a new Magsig daily painting for so long. You are an inspiration. Love your work and hope to be able to continue to see more.


Wanda Eichler said...

Yes, you are an inspiration. Best of all good things as you continue with your art. I owe the inspiration for my daily blogging (a year and a half of it) to you. Your eye for line and building and sky is outstanding.

Blessings, Stephen.