28 February 2012

Column detail, Detroit Institute of Arts

Column detail, Detroit Institute of Arts
Oil on linen/panel, 2012, 5x7"
Today's daily oil painting is a detail view of an arch and column on the front facade of the Detroit Institute of Arts on Woodward Ave in Detroit. There has been some talk about selling a few of the gems from the DIA's collection if an emergency manager takes over the  City of Detroit.  Click here for recent discussions on this topic.
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Fred Johnson said...

So I want to travel to Detroit to see a particular work of art at DIA only to find that it’s spuriously been sold to fill the cities coffers. I do pray Detroit’s city fathers realize that I would be disappointed and wouldn’t be traveling to Detroit to spend my hard earned luker.

In a small town in Illinois we were at a bike trailhead and a man asked me of a favor. He was covered in sweat, his T shirt frayed from wear, and his pants dirty. He had been landscaping a drinking fountain next to an old Pullman rail car. He wanted my opinion as to how he had done and what improvements could be made. As we spoke the conversation turned to tourism and the need for cities to provide revenue or even to organize volunteer labor. This guy played me like a fiddle. Come to find out later as we spoke he is a city father. He spoke of how its’ like pulling teeth to sway people to pay attention and invest in the future. He went on about how he had invested of himself to make improvements to the Pullman car and that in the future the bike trail would extend all the way to New Orleans. I realize that Pullman cars are not a world of plenty and it’s a noble thing this individual has the foresight to invest his time and talent to preserve this relic. So if your ever in Savannah, Illinois stop in and give my Propeller Smeller friend a big “Hello“. Tell him the Anchor Klanker from Des Moines sent you.