12 January 2012

Bagley St Nocturne

Bagley St Nocturne
Oil on linen/panel, 2011, 5x7"
Today's  daily oil painting is a nocturne view  at Bagley St near Corktown
Click on image for larger view.


Fred Johnson said...

I have to say today’s small painting is the perfect example of a Magsig. The highlights on the fence give me the impression that the view is from the front seat of a car and the highlights on the stop sign and fence are the headlights lighting them up.

Postcards from Detroit said...

Happy New Year Fred. They are actually reflecting the warmth of the sky behind me. But it does look that way. Reminds me of a movie scene where the headlights light the scene.
Good eye. Hope all is well, I see your finally getting some winter weather. We're next.