07 December 2011

Fisher Bldg Nocturne

Fisher Bldg Nocturne, 5/15
Mezzotint on  Rives lightweight Paper,  2011, 4x3" on 7x5" Paper" 
Edition of 15 and 3 Artists proofs
A mezzotint print of the Fisher Bldg at night.  This mezzotint print is #5/15 from a copper plate and Faust jet black ink on Rives paper hand pulled by me. The plate is my first mezzotint and was hand rocked and printed by me in the studio. A very laborious but rewarding process.
Click on image for larger view.


Patrick said...

Beautiful, Steve. I did a few mezzotints back in the 80's. I also rocked my own plates; we all thought buying a machine-made plate was cheating!

Postcards from Detroit said...

Thanks Patrick,
I would like to see them if you still have any.
I guess I am in my second childhood, doing all the things I want to do, I didn't go to art school so am still experimenting and having fun. LOVE the press.

ski holm said...

Steve, your print series is great and this is the best so far. Keep having fun.