30 December 2011

C.P.A. Building

C.P.A. Building
Oil on linen/panel, 2011, 5x5"
Today's  daily oil painting is a view of the flat-iron C.P.A. Building on Michigan Ave at 14th Street near the Michigan Central train station in Corktown. CPA is an acronym for Conductors Protective Association, a union organization. It was created as  an insurance company for railroad conductors, engineers and officials, insuring them against the loss of their positions on account of discharge, disability or old age,  in June, 1907. It is currently abandoned.
Click on image for larger view.

1 comment:

Scott Ruthven said...

Very honest portraits of your city. Do you paint them en plein air? They have that fresh, accurate quality in the color. How long does a painting like this take you?

I'm happy to have found your blog.