12 December 2011

Calumet and Trumbull

Calumet and Trumbull
Oil on linen/panel, 2011, 7x5"
Today's  daily oil painting is an urban landscape of a dormer and cardinal red window on a building at the corner of Calumet and Trumbull in Detroit.
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Neon "a"
Reduction linocut, 2011, 11 colors, 9"x9", edition of 8 unframed

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Well I finally finished the reduction linocut print and am pretty happy with the final version.

Relief block printing from a single block. 1 st stage is the white of the paper, inking the block with the first color and running it through the press. Carve away for the next color and print until you are done. Also known as the "suicide method" because once you begin you can not go back.

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