27 October 2011

Nashua Creek Bridge

Nashua Creek Bridge
Oil on linen/panel, 2011, 5x7"
Today's  daily oil painting is a landscape of the red foot bridge over Nashua Creek on Belle Isle Park in the Detroit river near Lake Okonoka
Click on image for larger view.


Jeff Oxley said...

Stephen: I love the warmth of this painting. Inness would have admired it..

William R. Moore said...

I really like this landscape.I like your Urban landscape paintings, although this one makes me want to see some more of your nature landscapes.

Lorna Cahall said...

How wonderful! Such a perfect image for this time of year. Thanks,
Lorna Cahall

Ulrike Miesen-Schürmann said...

The bridge is glowing - a very lovely and calm work, Stephen O:-)

Rose said...

So beautiful! You captured the lights so perfectly!

Postcards from Detroit said...

Thanks all, I had a lot of fun with this one. Some just work better than others.