19 September 2011

Warehouse Tracks

Warehouse Tracks
Drypoint on  Rives BFK Paper,  2011, 4x5" on 6x8" Paper" 
Edition of 20 and 3 Artists proofs
Today's artwork is a drypoint print of RR tracks and buildings in the warehouse district of Detroit.  This drypoint print is #6/20 from a copper plate and Faust warm black ink on Rives paper hand pulled by me. Each print is slightly different, this is  the actual image and has a nice  plate tone.
Click on image for larger view.


Denny said...

Awesome verticals...well placed shapes within the large dark building mass...very well done!

Jeff Oxley said...

Stephen: I love your drypoints. This one is especially good.

Sheila Vaughan said...

It's beautiful Stephen. Do you need a heavy press to pull the prints? I'd love to have a go.

Postcards from Detroit said...

Thanks Sheila, You should give it a go, you can use
a small press, I just had a chance to purchase the larger press and I love it. I love what you have been doing lately, you are very brave.