21 September 2011

Studio Views

Views of my Studio
I do not have a daily painting today so thought I would share some random shots of my studio taken with my ipad. I hope you enjoy seeing where I happily spend a large portion of my day and evening.
Click on image for larger view.


Jeff Oxley said...

Hi Stephen: Thanks for sharing the photos of your studio. Is it Detroit or NYC? I have been enjoying your new paintings as always.

Fred Johnson said...


Thanks for posting the pictures of your studio. I’m trying to put it into perspective so here goes. I’ll start with the photo of your press an angle we have seen before. Usually of you and your works for a show. So if I looked left the picture that would fit in would be the one with the winter scene of the house in monochromatic and the shelves of other art, cigar boxes, and file boxes. Continue left with the Café au lait bowl a subject for 29 August 2007. I’ll assume this is where the magic happens with all the brushes in the photo. So, do you paint on the flat or are we missing the easel? I figure the Mission rocker is directly across from the brushes if I were to be sharpening a pencil directly behind me. I’ll assume the doorway is to the right of the press where I started and the last picture would be to the right of that.

Title and Date for the monochromatic painting if you would please and again thanks for the insight into where it all happens.


Postcards from Detroit said...

Thanks Jeff and Fred,

Fred you are pretty close, transpose the cafe au lait and LA and you are right. I have added a picture of where I paint. I use the wall for small and large paintings. An easel takes up to much room and as long as I am able I like to paint standing rather than sitting.
If you look close your box is behind the small B&W print on top shelf under the 1996 painting Snow Shadows. Your other box is just above the green press and rocker on the left side.
Also look above the black screen and you will see two of your collage envelopes. Cheers, S