17 September 2011

Michipicoten Upbound

Michipicoten Upbound
Oil on linen/panel, 2011, 5x7"
Today's  daily oil painting is a view of the Michipicoten upbound in the Detroit river in late evening light
Click on image for larger view.


Fred Johnson said...

I like the recent changes you have made to your Blog. Especially how when an available small painting is still available “click here to purchase” links you directly to your store. Also when looking over my glasses into my Indian tri-focal just isn’t enough. Right clicking on the image increases the size on a black background. I feel black brings out more detail than a white background.

Keith Binkowski said...

This is great. I love how the fading light hits the back of the ship.

David Teter said...

Love this, what a great painting! You can't go wrong with bridges and Michipicotens!
The orange green palette with the red and blue accents.
Keep painting...

Simon Jones said...

Great painting, love it when the sky is darker than the highlight.