13 August 2011

Great Lakes Steel

Great Lakes Steel
Drypoint on BFK Rives Paper,  2011, 4x3" on 7x5" Paper" 
Edition of 12 and 4 Artists proofs
Today's artwork is a drypoint print of the Great Lakes Steel plant on Zug Island in the Detroit River.  A drypoint print #10/12 from a copper plate and Faust warm black ink on Rives paper hand pulled by me. Each print is slightly different, this is  the actual image and has a nice rich plate tone.
Click on image for larger view.

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Fred Johnson said...

Just like me to review a little history. Again I’ve gone back through your past post to your first drypoint. What I will focus on is your paper description. The first etching just Drypoint, the next Paper, and on to Rives Paper, and BFK Rives. You also mention hand pulled. Would I be able to compare this to what I do when I cull lumber at the DIY stores? Are you using the same type and grade of paper for all your etchings or are you advancing as you hone your etching skills?