31 August 2011

Detroit River Landscape II

Detroit River Landscape II
Oil on linen/panel, 2011, 7x5"
Today's  daily oil painting is an industrial scene of the United States Steel plant along the Detroit river. I am working on a drypoint of this plant with more background.
Click on image for larger view.


Fred Johnson said...

I’m surprised that it is now seven o’clock in the evening central time and I’m able to be the first to comment for today. And the day for you being a day of all days. Many happy returns of the day Stephen. May you enjoy many more. “Happy Birthday”!

Postcards from Detroit said...

Hi Fred, Thanks for the wishes, I guess everyone uses facebook. Are you on facebook? We had a great day.S

Fred Johnson said...

Not on facebook and I'll hide behind Sherry's skirt on this one Stephen. I've watch Sherry scream with passion about how she doesn’t want to be someones friend on facebook. It seems as if her frustration at sorting through the social din on facebook to get to something she wants erodes at her better nature. Of course Sherry will not be pleased that I've revealed to the world her conduct with the use of facebook. But my guess is she is not alone with not wanting to be someones friend on facebook. My apologies to Sherry's friends who might feel chided.

I can imagine my problem would be that I wouldn't use the same decorum Sherry uses with facebook. I've earned the nick name “Friendly Freddie” from Sherry on how she see me and how I act socially especially with strangers in public. To relate seems I also have a fashion faux pas, most often I wear hickory stripped bib overhauls and matching hat. One time in Connecticut in a restaurant an individual just couldn't keep from interrupting as to my attire, “No I don't drive the train” after an explanation that a farmer from Iowa would dawn the same duds this individual insisted that I just needed educated. Sorry to say it went down hill from this point.

I don't have a cell phone either. So I'll suppose it's unique that I also sent you a Birthday card.