25 August 2011

Citylights 71 and Belle Isle Snow Shadows

Citylights 71
Oil on linen/panel, 2011, 5x7"
Today's  daily oil painting is a landscape of a dramatic sky and the Detroit skyline at dusk.
Click on image for larger view.

Belle Isle Snow Shadows
Drypoint on  Rives BFK Paper,  2011, 5x4" on 7.25x6" Paper" 
Edition of 12and 3 Artists proofs
Today's artwork is a drypoint print of a Belle Isle bridge and snow shadows on Belle Isle Park  in the Detroit River.  This drypoint print is #6/12 from a copper plate and Faust warm black ink on Rives paper hand pulled by me. Each print is slightly different, this is  the actual image and has a nice rich plate tone.
Click on image for larger view.

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