03 July 2011

Hamtramck Storefront

Hamtramck Storefront
Drypoint Print 2011, image 3x3", paper 7.5x5.5"
Today's artwork is a drypoint print of a storefront in Hamtramck. It was 98* here yesterday and my studio was just to hot to paint in so we headed for Janet's studio in the house. This is number 4/10 and is available  for $50.00 and $5.00 shipping.
Click on image for larger view.


Fred Johnson said...

Reminds me of your small painting "The Sunlit House" of September 25th 2007 but in a mirror image. A classic "Magsig" image that I really like. Sherry complemented you for your small painting "White Street Shadows" she said she really likes the colors and she finds your paintings with doorways intriguing.

oxeye said...

This is cool Stephen. Hope to see some more of them..

Carl Oxley III said...

Beautiful work man!

Postcards from Detroit said...

Thanks all, and Fred you are right about it being the same image. I am going thru some older drawings and taking the better ones and doing drypoint prints from them. Good eye.