21 June 2011

Packard Watertank

Packard Watertank
Oil on linen/panel, 2011, 7x5"
Today's oil painting is an urban landscape of a watertank at the abandoned Packard plant.  Notice, it has been abandoned so long the trees are growing inside the building. If you look closely there is still  a ghost image of the Packard name on the watertank
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Fred Johnson said...

Most of these tanks are over one hundred years old. When I attend conferences where water and waste water professionals go to obtain there continuing educational units. (What is required to keep our licenses current.) You hear the small town water guys refer to their tanks that are over one hundred years old as century tanks. I find it amazing something that old still services these communities throughout my state. And the nation for that matter.
I've been photographing as many as I can whenever and wherever I can. Yes I get ribbed a lot. But its fun to do and maybe someday when I'm gone, someone will appreciate that I took the time to record these symbols.