26 June 2011

Conant St Shadows

Conant St Shadows
Oil on linen/panel, 2011, 5x7"
Today's oil painting is an urban landscape of an interesting building on Conant St in Hamtramck, MI
Click on image for larger view.

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Boo's Mom said...

Great paintings. I lived my first weeks in Hamtramck -- on Joseph Campau in one of the apartments above my grandfather's dry goods store. My godmother, one of my mother's 12 siblings still lives in Hamtramck -- on Holbrook. I remember when Jos. Campau was filled with wonderful stores including of all things, a potato chip store! I've been lucky to visit my Detroit-area relatives nearly once a year for many years now and have certainly seen things change -- especially since when I was a child. It is a good thing that you are "preserving" the interesting buildings of this complicated city. It will be interesting to see how the redevelopment plans go -- there is the potential for something wonderful, although very different from the city where I was born. Thank you.