16 April 2011

Moonrise W Canfield St
Oil on linen/panel, 2011, 5x10"
To a collector in Wilmington, DE
Today's oil painting is an urban landscape of the moonrise over a building on W. Canfield St in Midtown Detroit. This panel is a new size I am trying out. I want to do some larger painting in a more horizontal format and thought I would try it here first. I am very happy with this size and also have some 5x14 to try out. What do you think of this new size?
Click on image for larger view.


David Teter said...

I like it... and would be anxious to see your work and Detroit in this additional format.
And you chose a fabulous view for the first.

oxeye said...

Hi Stephen: I really like this painting. One your best imo. I also like the new panel format. The painting would look wonderful in a larger size.. You captured something mysterious in the shadows on the long ocher building. They almost have a De Chirico feel to them.