01 April 2011

Michigan Ave, detail
Oil on linen/panel, 2011, 5x5"
To a collector in Farmington Hills, MI
Today's oil painting is an urban landscape looking up at a sunlit turret on a Michigan Ave building. This is another abandoned building on Michigan Ave that has also burned recently, it is near the Michigan Central Station
Click on image for larger view.


72nd Street, The Dakota Oil on linen, 42x36"
This is the larger version of the subway entrance painting. This will be in my May show at the George Billis Gallery


oxeye said...

Stephen: Wow! Love the turret and red bricks against the sky. And your larger painting came out great. Very cool!

PleinEric said...

Very impressive Stephen! The Dakota is handled so well... love the composition!

David Teter said...

Yeah, Love this large version... love the cloud puff.

Pierre Raby said...

Great painting with an interesting composition Stephen! Stunning.

Arkady Roytman said...

Beautiful painting of the 72nd St. subway exit, Stephen. I lived a few blocks north of there for two years. This brings back a lot of memories.

Postcards from Detroit said...

Thank you all, Arkady thanks for sharing. I love your paintings.