09 March 2011

Lyman Place Shadows
Oil on linen/panel, 2011 5x7"
To a collector in Bloomfield Hills, MI
Today's painting is a winter urban landscape  of an industrial area seen from Lyman Place in Detroit. This is the same location as yesterday's painting
Click on image for larger view.


oxeye said...

Hi Stephen,

Love this painting.. You visit some lonely areas for these.

So I was wondering, do you set up on location or paint from photos or sketches?

~ Jeff

Postcards from Detroit said...

Hi Jeff,

Detroit has some lonely places that make great subjects. I normally work from photo. It is a time factor, I just can't find enough to do everything.

Denny said...

Stephen you sure take it two steps further to simplify a scene...breaking it down to it's basic shapes. I love it. I bet you had fun placing those vertical lines (poles)...great color... great painting! Yes, it does evoke a lonely feeling... as do your abandoned house and building paintings.