27 February 2011

Thinking of Spring
Oil on linen/panel, 2011 5x5"
Today's daily painting is a winter  scene of the view from my studio window. We are getting pretty tired of all the snow and we are Thinking of Spring.
Click on image for larger view.


John Farnsworth said...

LOL, as they say. I have a couple of chairs much like this one. One is outside in the snow, the other is inside. In a funny coincidence, I painted the inside one last night as my daily post for today.
I have also recently shown a photograph of the outside chair, under snow, on my daily photo blog. Only differences are, your chair appears to have a rounded back, mine is flat on top. And mine is yellow.

Postcards from Detroit said...

Thanks for sharing that story. I am delighted when life has these little thought waves traveling around from artist to artist at the same time. Pretty cool

Sharon said...

I Love This Painting!! Yup, that really says it all. Can't wait for Spring.

Becky Joy said...

Really enjoyed this painting.

Kathrin said...

Fanny and poetic this wonderful painting!

David Teter said...

Beautiful painting... simple, and the chair, usually not elegant in it's own design is so here, covered in snow.

I like to see objects transformed this way.