15 January 2011

Belle Isle Footbridge Over Nashua Creek

Belle Isle Footbridge Over Nashua Creek
Oil on linen/panel, 2011, 5x7"
To a collector in Detroit, MI
This daily painting is a winter landscape of a footbridge over Nashua Creek on Belle Isle Park

Click on image for larger view.


oxeye said...

Terrific sketch Stephen.. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful color and composition. I love how much color you got in the snow.

PS: If you did this on location, kudos on your hearty disposition! Too cold for me.;-)

Leslie Sealey said...

That's a beauty-nice work!

Kathy Weber said...

I love this- nice handling of the snow, and the red bridge is very cheery.

Pierre Raby said...

Beautiful work! Great use of colors and shadows.