26 August 2010

A Turquoise Tower

A Turquoise Tower
 Oil on linen/panel, 2010, 7"x5"
To a collector in Atlanta, GA
This daily painting is a view of the facade of a sunlit building.
This is the actual colors of this shop, I don't have to make them up. 
Part of the wonderful world of Detroit. It's all there for the taking.
Click on image for larger view.


JCR said...

While searching for something else recently, I discovered your wonderful work.

I've since been spending far too long paging through your web site and blogs making up for all the years of enjoyment I've missed. I'm especially addicted to your daily paintings because of the subjects and your Hopper-esque style.

This looks like Fred & Sons Collision which is a former Hi-Speed service station on Livernois / Thatcher:

Here's another colorful Hi-Speed:
Mr. Fix It, W. Warren / Epworth

Best regards,
Jim Ritchie

Stephen Magsig said...

JCR, Thank you so much, I did a quick look at Warren and will be shooting on it very soon, some nice buildings and a ghost sign to paint.

JCR said...

Re: Warren Ave. ghost sign.

Hmmm, lemme guess. Webster Cigars?


Stephen Magsig said...

I have already painted that, venice Cafe . Dancing on Warren at Central

JCR said...

Very cool.

According to Google Maps, there is a very faded Hygrade's sign a block east at Bryden St.

Ain't Street View grand? Saves me a lot of time and gas. The only drawback is that, in this case, the street images are 3 years old.