12 May 2010

Chene Street Door

Chene Street Door 
Abandoned, Portraits of Detroit #76
Oil on linen/panel, 2010, 7"x5"
Available $125
Today's daily painting is an urban landscape of sunlight on a Chene Street door. The seventy-sixth in the Abandoned, Portraits of Detroit series of paintings
Click on image for larger view.


Janice said...

Stephen what a wonderful painting of another abandoned building!!! You paint these so beautifully! The sunlight brings a bit of cheer to a sad situation...abandoned buildings!!!

Andy Krieger said...

Nice composition Steve, Theres alot of vertical and horizontal elements, but you direct the eye over the whole painting. Nice.

Scott Paterson said...

Another abstract, and compelling, composition. That field of sunlit concrete grey hosts a lot of great incidental information.
Everything works!
(Why does Mondrian somehow come to mind?)

Karen Appleton said...

I just love your compositions, this is another fantastic one. Good luck with your upcoming show at David Klein!!