09 March 2010

The Yellow House

The Yellow House 
 Abandoned, Portraits of Detroit #72

Oil on linen/panel, 2010, 5"x7"

To a collector in Bloomfield Hills, MI
Today's daily painting is a winter urban landscape of a very small abandoned  house
Click on image for larger view.


Perry Brown said...

Looks great, Stephen!

XiuCheng Che Award-winning Chinese Watercolor Artist said...

nice painting!

cohen labelle said...

These painting of houses where people once lived, in another time with hopes and dreams, continue to fascinate! In the background house we can look through to where the sky penetrates.

Lorena said...

love it, I'm a big fan of that mustard color and the black door really solidifies the vacant nature of the building. I like the fact that it's abandoned with no graffiti i.e. truly abandoned by civilization

Krista Meister said...

Stephen, I just came across your blog while surfing around. I love, love your depictions of Detroit, having lived all my life in the metro Detroit area. I also once lived in Ferndale. Even though I am primarily a watercolorist, I will watch your blog and future paintings with much interest!