09 February 2010

Landscape with Blue Wall

Landscape with Blue Wall

to a collector in New York, NY
 Oil on linen/panel, 2010, 5x7"
Today's painting is an urban landscape of a building with a Blue wall. I felt the need for some color, so I went back into my photo archives and found this one from last fall. All the primary colors to lift the spirits. Its snowing outside, will be doing more snow paintings soon.
Click on image for larger view.


Jesus Estevez said...

a very nice painting, happy colors

billspaintingmn said...

"All the primary colors to lift the spirits!"
And I have been following Jesus
these past two comments..
(I hope my pun isn't blasphemy)
Good painting, God bless.

Lorena said...

this is lovely, it's so simple and yet it speaks to me, must be my urban East Coast roots