11 January 2010

Corner of Park & W Adams

Corner of Park & W Adams
To a collector in Sarasota, FL

 oil on linen/panel, 2010, 7 x 5"
Today's daily painting is of the the corner building at Park and W Adams in downtown Detroit. 
A sign says now leasing, which is much better than just abandoned and forgotten. Maybe someone will open a restaurant. Check out the Detroit Entrepreneurs article in yesterday's NY Times. 

Click on image for larger view.


Peter Hobden said...

Like this one a lot, Stephen.
I think it is the light/shade Green/Rose&Red that does it for me.
And the composition, of course.


cohen labelle said...

This looks like a great corner block with lots of potential - one would think that gentrification is a breath a way. I love the way you treat surfaces on these buildings, in fact I love the way you treat surfaces

billspaintingmn said...

This is tight! For a 5"x7" you've
got a crisp area happening.
I agree with Cohen Labelle, these
surfaces read well!

misterarthur said...

Last summer it had a sign on it that read "Make things Better". But, alas, it is gone. Great painting.