07 December 2009

La Maison Blanche VI, my 800th Painting

La Maison Blanche VI
800th Painting
Abandoned, Portraits of Detroit #51

to collector in Holland, OH
oil on linen/panel, 2009, 5x5"
Today's painting is my 800th daily painting. I want to thank everyone who has helped  make this blog a success. Without your support I would not be able to do this. An abandoned white house with blue roof and ivy.
Click on image for larger view.


Don Coker said...

Congrats, Stephen! That's quite a high water mark, and a wonderful piece to mark the moment.

Pierre Raby said...

Congratulations Stephen! You are are so commited to your passion, a true inspiration for many of us.
Thanks for sharing your work through this dynamic site.

DanaJ said...

Especially good, this one!

Anne Fracassa said...

What an achievement. I am so glad that I own two of these little masterpieces.
Hope everyone looks at the Michigan Radio Picture Project at the top of this Blog. I feel like I went along on one of your expeditions.

Anonymous said...

congratulations......wonderful work......I feel I know a bit more about Detroit.

Denny said...

Congrats Stephen on no.800... you do wonderful work! Nice roof!