31 December 2009

Detroit Blues IX

I would like to take this moment to thank everyone
for being so generous and supportive of my efforts over this last year.
Without you, the making of artwork for this blog would not be possible.
Wishing all of you the best for the New Year!

Detroit Blues IX
Abandoned, Portraits of Detroit #57

To a collector in Bloomfield Hills, MI

oil on linen/panel, 2009, 7x5"
Today's painting is of sunlight and shadows on an abandoned and burned building in Detroit. Maybe a statement on this last year and decade  in Detroit and everywhere else. Hoping for better times in the coming year.
Click on image for larger view.

1 comment:

Candace X. Moore said...

Stephen, Thank you for a year of great art. You always manage to convey the unique "personality" in each of your architectural subjects, very much like human portraits. And I'm always pulled in by your keen use of color. I'll be here in 2010, looking forward to your next post.