27 October 2009

Shadows on the Wall

Shadows on the Wall
Abandoned, Portraits of Detroit #30

To a collector in Detroit, MI
oil on linen/panel, 2009, 5x7"
Today's daily painting is a scene on Detroit's Eastside of an abandoned building. I was really interested in the graffiti tags and warm color and shadow masses created by the strong October light.
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the walking man said...

Good Morning sir. A friend of mine from Texas sent me over this way to have look at your work. Odd isn't it how a man fifteen hundred miles distant brings together two Detroit folks.

I am quite fond of the variety and skill you have with color. I like especially that you didn't make the sky overly brilliant in "Shadows on the Wall." It would hollow out the reality of the subject had it been brighter.

Quite the fine gallery you have going here. I am on the same quest only with words.

Be Well