16 October 2009

Lake Michigan Dunes

Lake Michigan Dunes
to a collector in Grosse Pointe Woods MI
oil on linen/panel, 2009, 5x7"
Today's daily painting is a fall scene of the dunes North of Lakeside on Lake Michigan. We took last weekend off and spent it at the Lakeside Inn in Lakeside, MI. It is a wonderful old inn with a duel fireplace and stencils of pine cones and ginko leaves on the ceilings and walls, with lots and lots of history. The dunes are north of Lakeside, I will probably paint more from this trip. We meet some wonderful artists from Chicago who run the Lillstreet Art Center, an Artist in Residence Program.
Click on image for larger view.


Liza Hirst said...

Beautiful, Stephen. I always enjoy seeing your landscapes ( and your cityscapes of course!). You also seem to have a looser brushstroke in them like I am experiencing at the moment. I find it quite liberating - what about you?

Doug Holder said...

This is beautiful. So much soul stirring content in a small painting. It may be that the success of certain small paintings is that the time allotted to them is not enough time to go beyond the finished state.

Stephen Magsig said...

Thanks Lisa and Doug, I do enjoy the landscapes, it is hard to be loose with straight lines in the cityscapes. Doug an artist also must know when to stop, time not being a factor, sometimes these lake longer as you have to be aware of each stroke.