05 October 2009

Blue Green Shadows

Blue Green Shadows
Abandoned, Portraits of Detroit #26
To a collector in Hiawassee, GA
oil on linen/panel, 2009, 7x5"
Today's daily painting is of an abandoned corner building.
The twenty-sixth painting in the Abandoned, portraits of Detroit series.
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milindmulick said...

Love the dark patch..

Pierre Raby said...

Great architectural study with an interesting vibrant palette!

Pierre Raby said...

Hi Stephen,sorry to use this comment form but it's the faster way to inform you that my new blog is online now but I had to change the feed (problem with the title) and I noticed that you already suscribed. If ever you still desire to receive updates you will have to re-subscribe for Painted Snapshots.
And of course,you can delete this comment:)
Thanks again for your inspiring commitment to your passion!
Highly contagious.
All best to you,
Pierre Raby