06 August 2009

National Steel Corp RR cars

National Steel Corp RR cars
oil on linen/panel, 2009, 5x7"
Today's painting is of National Steel Corp. RR cars, near the Great Lakes Steel plant on Zug Island. These cars are used to haul rolls of coiled steel, the covers are to protect the cargo.
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CSX Locomotive #9

CSX Locomotive #9
Oil on Linen, 30"x42"
This painting is of the drive wheels of CSX#9 at the River Rouge Plant.
It is in the Summer Select show at the David Klein Gallery in Birmingham, MI

Please contact the gallery if you are interested in this painting.


Don Coker said...

Stephen, you are man after my own heart! I love these! Good luck with the show!


Pierre Raby said...

Great painting Stephen!
Also, the small one is stunningly poetic.

Unknown said...

Wow...very cool