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31 August 2009

Manitowoc Unloading, study

Manitowoc Unloading, study
to collector in Alfortville, France
Today's daily painting is of the freighter Manitowoc unloading on the Rouge River. I will be doing this as a larger painting for the David Klein Gallery. Today is also my Birthday and it is a beautiful cool sunny day, hope to spend some time in the studio and later cupcakes on the yard with the neighborhood children.
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oil on linen/panel, 2009, 5x7"
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Pierre Raby said...

Happy Birthday Stephen! I wish you the best for years to come - you're a wonderful artist and an inspiring man, thanks for sharing the perceptions of your world through this blog.

Jim Feldman said...

I second Pierre's thoughts. Have a good one.

Stephen Magsig said...

Thanks Pierre and Jim, I had a great day!I am glad you enjoy the blog.