11 April 2009

Grove Court Shadows

Grove Court Shadows
oil on linen, 2009, 30x24""
Click on image for larger view.
These charming mews were built for the working-class population of the West Village.
The Federal style buildings were built in 1853-4 and are a good example of residences designed by builders rather than architects. Also know as Mixed Ale Alley and Pig's Alley.

Please note!
I will not be doing any small daily painting for the next few days. I need to concentrate on finishing up the last few paintings for my show at the George Billis Gallery in Chelsea, NY.

This painting will be available in the New York show, opening reception: Thursday, April 30th. 6-8 pm at the George Billis Gallery in Chelsea.
Please contact the Gallery for more information
on the large gallery paintings only.


Candace X. Moore said...

Stephen, I've been following for a few months. Your compositions are so simple and appealing, and your color sense is superb. Do you work plein air or from photos or both? Was wondering if you might occasionally post a reference photo. It's really instructive to see how experienced artists translate reality in their work. Best regards.

Anonymous said...

Great work. Your colour choice really works in all of these larger works. looking forward to the next one. r.

Janet Ternoff said...

Wow! Beautiful work.