19 March 2009

Brush Park Reflections

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Brush Park Reflections
oil on linen/panel, 5"x7"
Click on image for larger view.
This daily painting is of the interesting Brush Park area of Detroit. I really liked the reflections with the deep blue cast shadows.


regis Pettinari said...

Attractive reflection. Is a question it of a disused factory? In any cases, that reminds me there. Cordially
Régis Pettinari

Stephen Magsig said...

Hi Regis,
They are apartment buildings in need of repair. This area is in transition.
It will take awhile now with the hard times here in Detroit as with the rest of the World

Régis said...

Yes, time are uncertain, here, also in France. Let us continue to produce quality things, us the artists. It is what we have of better to make.

Stephen Magsig said...

It is a privilege to be an artist,
especially during these uncertain times. It is comforting to be able to make art.

Mark Landes said...

You are very steady and remain on course with your painting as I have observed over the past year.
Good job.