06 January 2009

The Road to Zug Island, SOLD

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The Road to Zug Island
oil on canvas panel, 7"x5"
Click on image for larger view.
This daily painting is of a storage tank and industrial scene along the road to Zug Island. We were asked to leave the area after taking this shot.


Pierre Raby said...

Great composition, light and shadows
works well to give so much depth in this industrial subject. "Area 51"...no, " The Road to Zug Island" I mean, dramatic and beautiful!

Stephen Magsig said...

Thanks Pierre, Glad you caught the Area 51, Zug Island is a closed industrial complex on an island in the Detroit River. I have tried to get on many times and have always been turned back. I was happy with this one. "What are they doing in there"

Mary Brewster said...

This painting is particularly "arresting". No really! I like the white sign against the tank, and the energetic composition.