25 August 2008

Woodville Lime Plant, SOLD

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Woodville Lime Plant, oil on linen panel, 7"x5"
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I grew up on a farm in Northern Ohio and last weekend we went back for a visit. My Grandfather worked in this lime plant. The plant has such a strong and distinct smell it brought back many wonderful memories. The purpose of the trip was to visit my Aunt Justine to see her show of painting at the Elmore Library. I will post Justines painting in the near future. Those who have been following my blog will remember she started painting again at the age of 85 after visiting one of my shows in 2006. She gave me painting lessons as a child in Woodville. Her work is truly amazing.

This is one of her Doorway paintings.

Doorway painting by Justine Magsig


Sheila Vaughan said...

Yes, I remember Justine's paintings from a posting you did before. They are truly wonderful and she is such an inspiration. I am 64 and sometimes think - am I getting too old to pick up this lark again? She is some of the reminder that no, I am not! Thanks Stephen for showing us this. Look forward to seeing more.

This Painting Life said...

It is always inspiring to see others achieving, thanks for sharing your elderly Aunts painting. That is the wonderful thing about art, the viewer often doesn't know the conditions the work was created under, it is judged on its own merit. This work is alive with the fall of sunlight.

Terry Rafferty said...

I love following your work - and the 57 Chevy was wonderful. Here I really enjoy seeing the link between your work and Justine's - a great pair of paintings.

Anonymous said...

wow - that's really good..it reminds me of your paintings ;)

Candy Barr said...

How wonderful to get to see her show, and what a terrific painting. Bravo!